Extract actionable data from 3D images with Imorphics technology


Reduce clinical trial length and patient cohorts by up to half


Automate the analysis of Big Data and extract critical meta data


Auto-contour 3D MR images accurately and rapidly

Rapid and accurate automatic segmentation of 3D MR & CT images


Rapidly produce accurate contours of organs at risk in planning radiotherapy and radio-surgery; utilize low-contrast CBCT images for image-guided radiotherapy and plan directly using MR images without the need to re-map and transfer CT image contours.

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Reduce the time and number of patients enrolled in clinical trials by half using Imorphics technology and software applications for automated measurements and novel biomarker development in rheumatoid arthritis (RA), osteoarthritis (OA) and other therapeutic areas.

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Seamlessly organize population data using Imorphics statistical modelling technology to design products that account for human variability. By rigorously comparing shape and appearance variation, Imorphics enables the accurate quantification of disease progression.

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Machine vision technology that unlocks the true potential of 3D medical images.

Our Technology


Our technology produces automatic segmentation and landmarking of volumes and surfaces in MR and CT images with sub-voxel accuracy.


Batch processing of 3D MR images produces quantitative results far more rapidly than manual semiquantitative reading and scoring.


Our shape models perform the same segmentation in repeat images of the same subject with sub-voxel test-retest accuracies.


The foundation technology we use – statistical shape models – is one of the most successful medical image analysis methods of the last 30 years.

Imorphics in Action

Imorphics imaging scientists have been applying statistical models to medical image analysis for over 20 years.
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